So Long DC pts. 5-9

February 27, 2011

Ok, so I may have taken for granted just how much of my time the move would be demanding; packing is a torturous activity, as many of you know. I’ve clearly fallen behind on my blogging duties here, so I thought I might just throw out a wrap-up instead of the longer daily blogs that I promised. I’ll still do the last, longer post tomorrow as my final farewell to the city that has offered itself as home for the past 8 ½ years. However for now you will have to accept my abbreviated summaries of items 5-9. 

#5 – AFI Silver

          It was a real toss-up between AFI Silver and E St Cinema. While I’ve been to more movies at E St, I think that the AFI does more exciting events and screenings. Most people who live in the District and are into film will certainly agree that E St is the place to go to see first run independent films. But when you want to see Nosferatu on Halloween night with an orchestra in the theater, well, you just have to go to AFI.

#6 – The National Arboretum

          I have really great memories of going out to the Arboretum. During the time that Chandi and I were both in school, we would often get lunch from Sticky Fingers (a refresher) and take it to the Arboretum. We would find a nice     spot, of which there are many, and eat and study.  And the koi pond rules.  And so does the bonsai garden. And the fern forest does too. You know what… just go see it yourself.

#7 – Black Cat

          Coming from a place that has very little in the way of descent shows, getting to DC was a very nice change of pace. There are a bunch of great venues in this city, but I more often than not found myself at Black Cat for shows. I could rattle off the list of amazing shows that I’ve seen there, but it would really take too long… also I’m afraid that it would border on bragging. Just know that there were some great ones in there. I’ll miss the place for sure, and that includes the Red Room and Food for Thought… there aren’t many venues where you can chill downstairs eating vegan lasagna while waiting for the show to start.

#8 – Amsterdam Falafelshop

          Toppings Bar. That’s about all I need to say to anyone that’s been there. That includes every friend that has visited me here and eaten there. Most of them still talk about it regularly. For those who haven’t eaten there… your life is painfully incomplete. The best falafel that I have ever had with about 30 toppings to choose from… everything from humus to grilled eggplant chunks. You put them on yourself, therefore controlling the amounts of each thing that you get. It’s all about finding that right balance. It takes practice but it’s worth it. You will be missed, Falafelshop.

#9 – Museums

          It’s called the Smithsonian. Ever heard of it? Likely the best museums in the country. Oh, and they’re free. Jesus.


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