So Long DC pt 2 – Sticky Fingers

February 19, 2011

So this one is going to hurt. It should go without saying that Charleston, SC may not be the most vegan/veggie friendly city in the US. It should also go without saying that I love food. Sticky Fingers has been something of a sanctuary for me over the past few years. An amazing all vegan bakery in the middle of my neighborhood (or what used to be my neighborhood anyway). As a vegan there’s something wonderful about walking into a place and knowing that you can get anything that they offer… so much time is spent pouring over menus and asking waiters “…and there’s no cheese on that right?”.

While they are primarily a bakery, they offer a range of other food options. Their brunch is particularly worth mention… they have a tofu scramble that is just insane.  They have a way with sandwiches too… some other fond memories of DC include getting lunch at Sticky Fingers and taking it out to the DC Arboretum (more on that later… spoiler alert!).

In a bit of almost perfect irony there is also a place in Charleston called Sticky Fingers… they specialize in ribs. So, yeah, file that with the reasons that Charleston isn’t exactly the best place for vegan fare. Though I do understand that it is getting better; some friends back home have assured me of this fact. We’ll see.


2 Responses to “So Long DC pt 2 – Sticky Fingers”

  1. tom Says:

    shit man…there is Sticky Fingers in Charleston too!

  2. […] the time that Chandi and I were both in school, we would often get lunch from Sticky Fingers (a refresher) and take it to the Arboretum. We would find a nice     spot, of which there are many, and eat […]

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