Sharks & the Quiet

July 23, 2010

For one of this past month’s Project Dispatch subscribers I wrote a small story and composed a soundtrack to be heard along with it. I thought that I would share that here. I am also including pictures of the packaging that I put together for the subscriber (who happens to be Mr. Jon Lee, 1/2 of the wonderful improv/performance art face-melters known as We Are Science!).

If you would be so good as to listen to the soundtrack while you read the story I would appreciate it, as you will be experiencing the piece as it was meant to be experienced. Open the mp3 in a new window (or download) and enjoy!

mp3 – Sharks & the Quiet

Sharks & the Quiet

“… with the shark again,” he said.
“The dream,” he said, “ the one with the shark and the ship, remember?”
She didn’t remember.
“I was building this ship,” he said with a sigh, “and there were two people helping me. I can remember that it was very dark. There were other people building boats of their own. We were at a school… a magic school.”
“Harry Potter.”
“No… not like that, but there was…”
“Hogwarts School of Witchcra…”
“I know what it is. I’m not talking about that.”
“I don’t know what the school was, but it’s not important.”
“So I finished building the ship and we started to sail away… Maybe it was a kind of race. The controls were clumsy; there was only a giant stick coming out of the deck. I eventually figured out that the stick was something like a giant oar, and if you moved it back and forth the ship would move along with it.”
“Like a lever?”
“No. Like an oar. Like I said.”
“Anyway, I got the ship going pretty fast and I realized that I was going to have to get in the water on one side of the ship and swim around the front to climb up the other side… if I wanted to get to the other side I mean… which I did.”
“I don’t know. I just did. Then I saw the sharks. I wasn’t scared, but I realized that one of them was probably going to bite me.”
“Did it?”
“Did it hurt?”
“So I climbed back on the ship and was somehow back on the docks where we had started. I was afraid to look at my left leg. That’s where the shark had bitten me. But I finally did look down and there was this big scar… as if the wound had been made some time ago and had healed. Though there was a bit of blood near the bottom.”
“Did it hurt?”
“What? I just said that it… I was limping a little.”
In another moment she was asleep again.
In another moment he was back on the sea with the sharks.