NYC Wrap-Up (à la Ryan Kelley)…

Day 1: Book delivery (success), lunch in Williamsburg, off to meet Bevan at her place in Prospect Park, back to Williamsburg to meet Tom and Kristy for drinks at Mugs Ale House, then to Shervin’s book release at Public Assembly with Bryan + Danny + Andrew + Eric, bed.

Day 2: Hashbrowns + Coffee, MOMA for the Tim Burton and Bauhaus exhibitions (both awesome), taxidermy tent, Halloween shop, Strand (oh how I loved this place), dinner at a nondescript Irish bar… they won because they were the first place we found that had a veggie burger, off to Williamsburg again for bowling (didn’t happen, The Gutter was rad though), more drinks with Bevan at Enid’s, off to Eastern Bloc in the East Village, back to Brooklyn for bed.

Day 3: Coffee in Prospect Park, Brunch at Bliss, Brooklyn Brewery tour, across the street to Beacon’s Closet, Lomography Shop,



This Will Be a Better Year

January 18, 2010

I am a writer… or I’m supposed to be.  It is what I am supposed to have gone to school for.  I am “trained” apparently.  So why have I found myself showing such a resistance to writing?  I started this blog to try to correct that, though the posts over the past few months have been very few and far between.  I suspect that the aversion comes simply from having to write so much during school, but I have been out of school for 7 months now so that excuse is wearing thin.  I know you might be thinking that I am inching dangerously close to New Year’s Resolution territory.  And you’re right. 

So, I need to start writing more.  And I need to finish the covers project.  And I need to spend less time dicking around, watching TV and generally wasting away being unproductive.  I know that I may be being a little hard on myself… I am exceedingly busy these days.  Two jobs leave little time to work on other things.  Though I am not allowing myself that excuse anymore; I will simply have to make time.

So there.