So I felt like I should pass this on. Polyvinyl is releasing the new Owen record, New Leaves, on September 22nd. If you preorder (link at the bottom of this post) the lp/cd it ships on the 14th, so you will likely get it a few days early. They are offering 700 limited edition, mixed (random) colored LPs for the preorder, they are 3 bucks more than the black LPs, but, come on… you know you want it. According to the Polyvinyl site they have sold through more than half of the colored vinyl so get your order in soon. Interestingly, the Owen Myspace page says that there are only 500 colored copies… all the more reason to get on this if that is, in fact, true.


Fans of Owen know that he tours solo so it is really of some interest and certainly worth mention that for the release of New Leaves he is going to be playing three shows with a full band in Urbana/Chicago before taking off for a handful of dates on the road. The dates are up on his Myspace page. The full band shows are reported to be featuring guest players including Braid/City on Film’s Bob Nanna (now in Certain People I Know with Braid and Hey Mercedes’ drummer Damon Atkinson) and possibly The Promise Ring/Maritime’s Davey Von Bohlen (Davey may just be opening one of the shows though I know Bob is playing with the band as well as opening a show). So if you are anywhere in the Chicago area around the 17th or 18th of September you know what to do.

Preorder the limited color LP from Polyvinyl (as well as the black LP and CD)


Back to it.

August 21, 2009

So… Woods played here last Sunday. I found out about the show on Tuesday. Damnit. This indicates to me that I really need to get back in the routine of posting here. I say this because I feel sure that if I were keeping up with Airshow in the Forest I would have known that the Woods show was coming up. Incidentally, Woods is a relatively new interest of mine (thanks, Tom)… I wholeheartedly recommend giving them a listen. There are some songs up over here.

There is, of course, the small matter of a collection of covers that I have been promising. Between trips to dinosaur forests, work, our apartment being over run by a slew of wonderful houseguests and more technical issues (read: busted microphones) than I have had the ability/patience to deal with I simply haven’t been able to start. It’s coming though.

So that’s about it. I just wanted to throw this up here to get started again. I am going to try to get something up here everyday so check back often/subscribe to the feed.

good day.