New Covers

August 20, 2010

My friend Jon (We Are Science!) has been a great supporter of Project Dispatch since the very beginning. So, I was very honored when, a few months ago, Jon subscribed to me. Jon was also very supportive of the ill-fated covers project that I undertook last year. So, with that in mind, I decided to let Jon request a song a month for the duration of his subscription (3 months as it were). What follows is the result of these requests:

1: Solitude – Billie Holiday

mp3 – Solitude

2: Physical – Olivia Newton John

mp3 – Physical

3. In Your Eyes – Peter Gabriel

mp3 – In Your Eyes


Throwing in the Towel

February 10, 2010

OK, look… This has got to stop. The covers project was, I still feel, a great idea. I truly wish that I had the time to continue such an endeavor, but I simply don’t. The idea was that I would spend some time doing this project and some time working on new music of my own. However, lately I’ve found that all of my time has been spent on the covers. Any free time that I have (which isn’t all that much) has been spent on this and that has left no time at all to work on my own music. I’m posting the rest of the list so that I can be done with it. I hope that everyone understands this; I absolutely have to get back to work on my own music, and any free time that I have should be spent on that.

So here’s the rest of the list. Thanks again to everyone for the support:

25. Car – Built to Spill
24. Portland Maine and the Pouring Rain – The City on Film
23. This Will Never Happen – Herman Dune
22. The Brute Choir – Palace Music
21. Beautiful – Belle & Sebastian
20. I Am Always the One Who Calls – Pedro the Lion
19. I’m Not Going Anywhere Tonight – Owen
18. She Belongs to Me – Bob Dylan
17. Cat Heaven – Jets to Brazil
16. Photobooth – Death Cab For Cutie
15. Guitar and Video Games – Sunny Day Real Estate
14. Waltz #2 (XO) – Elliott Smith
13. Mess – Ben Folds
12. Holland, 1945 – Neutral Milk Hotel
11. Six Different Ways – The Cure
10. The Legionnair’s Lament – The Decemberists
9. Palmcorder Yanja – The Mountain Goats
8. Pamphleteer – The Weakerthans
7. Driftwood – Cursive
6. Young Fiction Writer – Kind of Like Spitting
5. Where We Belong – Hot Water Music
4. I’ve Just Seen a Face – The Beatles
3. Trance Manual – John Vanderslice
2. Get Me Away From Here, I’m Dying – Belle & Sebastian
1. Frame & Canvas – Braid

Oddly I am leaving everyone with a new cover, one that likely should have been on the list from the beginning, but wasn’t. It’s a song by Trembling Blue Stars that I really love. John Darnielle did a fantastic cover of this on The Mountain Goats Babylon Springs tour EP too, that’s one that everyone should check out. Good day.

Unnumbered – Sometimes I Still Feel the Bruise by Trembling Blue Stars (from Broken by Whispers, Sub Pop 2000)

mp3 – Sometimes I Still Feel the Bruise

Top Ten Records of 2009

December 28, 2009

The Wait is Over:

1. John Vanderslice – Romanian Names

2. Owen – New Leaves

3. Julie Doiron – I Can Wonder What You Did With Your Day

4. Cats on Fire – Our Temperance Movement

5. MonoHymn to the Immortal Wind

6. Magnolia Electric Co.Josephine

7. God Help the GirlGod Help the Girl

8. David BazanCurse Your Branches

9. BowerbirdsUpper Air

10. Ben Barnett Songs About Zombies and Trust Issues (tour CD-R)

The Almost Made-Its:

1. So Cow – So Cow

2. John Vanderslice & The Mountain Goats – Moon Colony Bloodbath

3. Bonnie “Prince” Billy – Beware

4. Dirty Projectors – Bitte Orca

5. Cursive – Mama I’m Swollen

6. Between the Buried and Me – The Great Misdirect

7.  Real Estate – Real Estate

This one is for Matthew Young… who had some strong words for me about this song not being in the top 25. Here you go:

#55 – The Chandelier Swing by Braid (from Age of Octeen, Mud Records 1996)

mp3 – The Chandelier Swing

Two in one day… Oh My!

All the votes are in. I’ve heard from a few people and I have decided to address the requests before I delve into the rest of the top 25. I’m going to (as well as my memory will allow) do these in the order that the requests came in. Up first is one of Edward Drapeau’s two requests:

#42 – What Do You Want Me To Say by The Dismemberment Plan (from Emergency & I, DeSoto 1999)

mp3 – What Do You Want Me To Say

I’m going to try really hard to get the rest of the requests up here really soon. Thanks, as always, for your patience.

So I decided to put together a mix for today… that Tofurky isn’t going to cook itself and I thought it would be good to have a mix for while we’re cooking (OK… admittedly I’m going to be mostly drinking and getting in Chandi’s way while she cooks). After I put the mix together I decided that I was pretty happy with it so I thought that I would put it up here in the spirit of sharing.

It’s really more a sampling of a some things, old and new, that I have been listening to lately and less a Thanksgiving mix. However, I tried to keep it mostly upbeat, so hopefully it will be a good mix for cooking/hanging out/enjoying a day off. Hope you enjoy it.

1. Pop / Ben Barnett (from Songs About Zombies and Trust Issues)
2. Give Me Back My Heart Attack / Land of Talk (from Some Are Lakes)
3. Happens To Us All Otherwise / Bound Stems (from The Family Afloat)
4. Anna / Hello Saferide (from More Modern Short Stories from Hello Saferide)
5. Through My Gloves / Forest Fire (from Survival)
6. Fake Blues / Real Estate (from Fake Blues/Green River 7″)
7. Try To Think About Me (Don’t Worry A Bit) / Herman Dune (from Next Year in Zion)
8. Changes Are No Good / The Stills (from Logic Will Break Your Heart)
9. Drop It Doe Eyes / Los Campesinos! (from Hold on Now, Youngster…)
10. Barnacle Goose / Born Ruffians (from Red, Yellow and Blue)
11. Four Long Days / Voxtrot (from Mothers, Sisters, Daughters & Wives)
12. A Trenchant Critique / Owen (from New Leaves)
13. Into The Stream / The Tallest Man on Earth (from Shallow Graves)
14. Sex Bodies / Matthew Hemerlein (from EP 2)
15. Stopped Signs / A Wonderful (from Uncorked Understandings)
16. Friends They Are Jewels / Iron and Wine (from Around the Well)

Again, I really hope you like it. And please, if there is anything above that you haven’t heard and really like go buy their lp/disc from your favorite independent record store… or better yet go see the band live and buy it from them.

100 Covers: #25 – Car

November 19, 2009

#25 – Car by Built to Spill (from There’s Nothing Wrong With Love, Up Records 1994)

mp3 – Car

So, here we go with the top 25…

“I want to see movies of my dreams”… that kind of sums it all up.

Daaaaang, this blog is looking sparse. Surely some people have noticed that the flow of covers has slowed a bit (Starting next week I am going to do my best to catch up in a big way). I have been out of town/having a birthday/working on Project Dispatch stuff/getting ready to go out of town again later this week. BUT! as usual there are a handful of records that I feel especially compelled to mention… most would agree that it is something of an obligation to pass this stuff on when found. I am afraid that my schedule leaves me little more time than is necessary to just kind of make suggestions at the moment (no rambling blurbs today!)


Chain and the Gang is the newest project of the enigmatic Ian Svenonius (The Make Up, Nation of Ulysses)… or DC’s other Ian, as some affectionately know him. Kind of loungey, kind of 60’s, kind of political, and all awesome. Down With Liberty… Up With Chains! was released on K Records, and it’s worth mention that some K favorites sat in on this record. Karl Blau and Calvin Johnson to name a few.


Dawes’ North Hills is a beautiful, loose, acoustic driven record that is full of exceptional songwriting and wonderful performances. This is going to be a great winter record…


The Family Afloat by Bound Stems is one hell of a good rock album. I’ve been needing one of those. Bound Stems is regrettably no longer together… though they managed to put out one of the best albums of 2008 before they left.

mp3 – Interview With The Chain Gang by Chain and the Gang
Order Down With Liberty… Up With Chains!

mp3 – When My Time Comes by Dawes
Order North Hills

mp3 – Passing Bell by Bound Stems
Order The Family Afloat

Good day.


#89 – Lifetime Piling Up by Talking Heads (from Sand in the Vaseline: Popular Favorites, Sire Records 1992

mp3 – Lifetime Piling Up

So, first I have to apologize for the lack of posting here lately. Things have been pretty nuts lately. My birthday was last week and we went to NY for a few days to celebrate that. Now we are frantically getting ready for the Project Dispatch launch party tomorrow night… the event page is here (please come out if you can… it’s going to be a load of fun). These things leave little time to record, but my schedule will be lightening a bit soon so there will be a lot of time for catching up. I did manage to find a few free hours today so I thought that I should go ahead and get # 89 up here.

This is an incredible song that was included on the Sand in the Vaseline compilation. It’s really remarkable that this track didn’t make it to an album (I think that they recorded this while they were working on Naked?). I’m really glad it found a home on this compilation though, because I think that is absolutely one of their best songs. Enjoy!


#91 – Oh, You Are the Roots That Sleep Beneath My Feet and Hold the Earth in Place by Bright Eyes (from Oh Holy Fools: The Music of Son, Ambulance and Bright Eyes, Saddle Creek 2001)

mp3 – Oh, You Are The Roots That Sleep Beneath My Feet And Hold The Earth In Place

Whatever my more recent grievances with Conor Oberst happen to be (which I will refrain from delving into here), there is little hope of disputing that Letting Off the Happiness and Fevers and Mirrors are fantastic albums, and rather significant ones for me. Somewhere between Fevers and Mirrors and Lifted (for which a case can be made too… though, for me, things began to kind of go off the rails after that record) there appeared this wonderful split with Son, Ambulance. The first time I heard Oh, You Are the Roots That Sleep Beneath My Feet and Hold the Earth in Place was on the first mix tape that Chandi ever made for me (in 2002? wow), and I have associated it with her since then. That’s why it continues to be my favorite Bright Eyes song , and it’s the reason that this song is on the list. Enjoy.

Oh and I feel like I should point out something obvious… this is the tenth cover that I have posted. 1/10th of my task is completed. That makes me feel pretty alright.