So Long DC pt 3 – New York Bound

February 20, 2011

So this one might seem a bit silly, but I’ve always loved the fact that DC is pretty perfectly located, geographically speaking. Philly is only a two-hour drive away, and there are a number of points in Virginia and Maryland that are highly accessible from DC. And then of course there’s New York. Living in Charleston puts NYC about 12 hours away, and no matter how you cut it there’s really no economically sound way to get there. Living in DC however only requires a four-hour, $20 bus ride to get to NY. While I wish now that I had taken more advantage of this fact I think that I did pretty well… I have a handful of really wonderful weekends in New York to look back on. Not to say that my days in that amazing city are over, they will just be much less frequent.

I’m keeping this one short, because it’s not entirely about DC… I don’t want to get caught up in a tangent about how great NY is after all.


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